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Pile de barres en bois

Present in More than 20 Countries

Leading exporter of North American Hardwood.

Hardwood Sawmill Owner for 40 Years

Bois Poulin's expertise in the field of hardwood has been recognized since 1983, thanks to passionate people who work together every day to produce superior quality wood. The company has access to the highest quality forests in North America, where harvesting and silviculture are carried out according to the principles of sustainable development. Bois Poulin stands out thanks to its customized, high-performance solutions.


Hardwood is the material of choice for so many projects because of its natural beauty, richness and also its durability and the company strives to use it to its full potential.

Our Products

Texture du bois
Pile de bois


Atelier d'une fabrique de meubles.


Des panneaux de meubles de différentes tailles sont en stock

Finished Product

Hardwood Exporter

A leader in hardwood exports, Bois Poulin monitors every step of the process for superior quality, offering a diversified product line, fast service and continuous supply. A passion for wood and a constant concern for customer satisfaction are the keys to its success.

Vue aérienne d'un porte-conteneurs transportant un conteneur

Les Bois Poulin also works in partnership with a highly reliable transportation network, right from the supply of raw material to its sawmills to the export of the finished product distributed in North America. Integrated and personalized logistical solutions, secure shipments delivered on time.

Tracteur semi-remorque à grande plate-forme classique transportant du bois sur la semi-remorque à plateau se déplaçant sur la large route de l'autoroute

Benefits of Working with Bois Poulin

  • Excellent knowledge of the industry

  • Green lumber, dry lumber, cut-to-size and dimensional lumber

  • Integrated, reliable, flexible and fast production

  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

  • Continuous and high-quality supply

  • Quality control

  • Professional, proactive team dedicated to your needs

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